International Medical Corps Overview | 2015

Overview presented at the International Medical Corps 2015 Annual Award Celebration.  The beginning is longer than I would normally edit but we had to create some filler space to allow people to find their seats and direct their attention to the screen.

Not much of a Wonderland

This is a song I wrote years ago but finally got it recorded by Sean Canon and set to video. Green screen work was done in Valley Photo Studios in Northridge. Illustrations were taken form various stock image sites with exception for the primary image that was painted by my father for the project.

How to wrap a gift card

Once again I am the man in the red suit.  This is the Christmas Barrel video with a crazy retention rate.  90% of those that start it finish it.  Shot of the course of several hours and condensed into a few minutes.

GE Monogram Sizzle Reel for 2014 Los Angeles Dwell Show

A sizzle reel to highlight some new GE Monogram productions.  I was unavailable to shoot the conference but contracted Jameson Dressen to fill in for me for the day which I later edited together.  It appears their is a YouTube stabilize function turned on with this upload that is causing more problems than it is fixing so I am sharing the upload from my channel. The official video can be found one the GE Monogram channel