Bump Day 2016

Motion graphics project for International Medical Corps for promoting #bumpday.  Illustrator graphics provide by a colleague and then animated in After Effects.

CPAC Constitution Series: 4th Amendment

At one point I was commission to create some motion graphic videos using audio from CPAC.  They project never came to fruition but I had still started work on a few of them.  Most of this project is set up in Photoshop and illustrator before bringing it over to After Effects to bring it to life.  As mentioned this video was never completed but it is still respectable enough to show.


I saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus

There is another version of this video but I decided I could do it better so I reached out to the Zombie Research Society at got permission to update it and include it on the 2015 Christmas Barrel Calendar.  This project actually took way longer than necessary.  There was a problem getting the original files so I had to scan the illustrations and then break them down into different layers to give it the assisted 3D look.  This was another project where most of the work was done in Photoshop but was worth the effort.


Not much of a Wonderland

This is a song I wrote years ago but finally got it recorded by Sean Canon and set to video. Green screen work was done in Valley Photo Studios in Northridge. Illustrations were taken form various stock image sites with exception for the primary image that was painted by my father for the project.