Bump Day 2016

Motion graphics project for International Medical Corps for promoting #bumpday.  Illustrator graphics provide by a colleague and then animated in After Effects.

CPAC Constitution Series: 4th Amendment

At one point I was commission to create some motion graphic videos using audio from CPAC.  They project never came to fruition but I had still started work on a few of them.  Most of this project is set up in Photoshop and illustrator before bringing it over to After Effects to bring it to life.  As mentioned this video was never completed but it is still respectable enough to show.


The Week so Far

Looking through the archives I found another webseries that got sidelined in 2014.  Dead presidents reporting the news that had occurred by mid-week.  A fun bit of comedy from the perspective of previous leaders turning over in their graves.  Shot on a green screen Wednesday evening and then composited in After Effects and released Thursday morning. The plan is to resurrect it with TeddyAndAbe.com in the future. The majority of the motion graphic came from updating a portions of template from Envato.com but each video required extensive customization.  We were leaning on providing a significant portion of the humor with the accompanying visuals  as time permitted.


Thomas Jefferson: Matthew Stumphy

Ulysses S Grant: Mike Hammari

George Washington: Lincoln Hoppe